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52 Genesee Street
New Hartford, NY 13413
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The Carmen Caramanica Jazz Trio at Hanna Park
52 Genesee Street
New Hartford, NY 13413
(315) 735-2737
All Stars Rock Hanna Park!
Here's our "teacher's band" we put together for a couple of concerts at Utica's Hanna Park. In one show we played jazz and blues, covered songs by Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews Band, Kansas, The Beatles, ...well, you name it, we did it. As we've been telling you our teachers can play (and teach) all kinds of music...Bach to Rock!
The Carmen Caramanica Jazz Trio at Utica's Hanna Park.
The Carmen Caramanica Jazz Trio at Hanna Park
The Carmen Caramanica Jazz Trio at Hanna Park
Rick Compton
Cosmo Castellano
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A few testimonials:
Bill Mirgo of "Classified"  also studied with the legendary guitarist Carmen Carmonica before continuing on to become a a gifted guitar instructor himself. (From 
 "I took lessons from Carmen Caramanica in Utica NY while in high school. I learned more from him in under two years than I learned in all those other sax/clarinet/bass lessons combined. Instead of just pushing buttons, he showed me how music is built; he showed why you want to push that certain button.Thanks, Carmen! "
Paul Kempkes, Ithica, NY
 “Carmen was very busy at the time, fitting in students between his road gigs with high-profile acts like Lou Rawls and Tony Orlando. I feel lucky he made space in his schedule for someone as inexperienced as me. Actually, the fact that I was so inexperienced really worked in my favor. I had no idea what a great player he really was and sort of adopted a ‘if that guy can do it, why not me?’ attitude.”  Paul Kogut, Chicago, IL      http://
 I decided to step it up a notch and pursue Jazz Guitar lessons
from Carmen Carmonica who was the touring guitarist with
Lou Rawls in the 70's. Carmen taught me wealth of knowledge
about jazz, guitar, and music. He is an amazing musician and I
thank him for everything he has taught me.  
 "My old guitar instructor, Carmen Carmonica is a bit of a local legend in Utica. I can say with 100% certainty that Carmen is the best Jazz guitarist that I have ever heard. I used to go see him play at this little place called Tiny's. They also have the best cheeseburger's in the world there. I dont know but Im sure Carmen has played with him or taught Joe Bonamassa a thing or two." Lefty Les,  Home town, Utica, NY
 " I take lessons from carmon carmonica and he is a great underrated patient guy." 

 "Carmen Carmonica is with out doubt the greatest guitar player ever to come out of New York state and probably the         world." November 28, 2009 3:46 PM  (From

 "carmen carmonica is the best!! "  sara 
  "I haven't seen Carmen play in years. But when I did he was one of the best I've ever seen. Bar none." Clinton student of music  (From
          Oh, by the way...not only do our instructors teach, we also go out and perform! 
       We never believed that "those who can't, teach" myth. We can, and we teach!
  "Carmen is a jazz guitar legend:"Andy Senior (From
( Here's what they say...)
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DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. As someone who has taken many guitar lessons over the years, with  several
 different teachers; ALL I CAN SAY IS…. Why did I waste all those years?  As a current student of Mr. Caramanica,   here at Carmen Caramanica Music Instruction Studios; I am now  finally making all my musical dreams come true (You can too). 
Just do what I did; pick up the phone and call. Believe me when I say, , “You won’t regret it”. Forget about all the rest. Learn from the best.       Shea Manley   (Guitar Student) Herkimer, NY


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